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Istanbul cymbals kill. Almost every process is still performed by hand in the centuries-old tradition of Turkish cymbalsmiths.

Unfortunately, due to the untimely death of Agop, we now have to specify which "Istanbul" company produced a particular cymbal. Is it a pre-split Istanbul, made when Agop was still alive and making cymbals with Mehmet? Or, is it an Istanbul Agop produced by Agop's sons? Or is it an Istanbul Mehmet produced by the company that Mehmet split off from Agop's sons?

All three companies produce(d) cymbals of exceptional quality and voice. My personal preference is for the pre-split Istanbuls, but I also like what Istanbul Agop and Istanbul Mehmet have done and are doing.

In stock   18 inch, 1703 gram, Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis 1982 Crash Ride
In stock   19 inch, 1816 gram, Istanbul Mehmet Mel Lewis Crash Ride
sold   19 inch, 1894 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Mel Lewis Crash Ride
sold   20 inch, 2066 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Ride
sold   20 inch, 2357 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Flat Ride
sold   20 inch, 2782 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Turk Ride
sold   21 inch, 2151 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Mel Lewis Ride
In stock   21 inch, 2214 gram, Istanbul Mehmet Mel Lewis Ride
sold   21 inch, 2262 gram, Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis Ride
sold   22 inch, 3992 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Custom Dry Ride
sold   26 inch, 3536 gram, Istanbul Agop Dark Ride

sold   16 inch, 845 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Thin Crash
sold   16 inch, 895 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Paper Thin Crash
sold   16 inch, 920 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Thin Crash
sold   17 inch, 980 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Crash

sold   13 inch, 751 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Tradtional/Turk Hi-hats
sold   13 inch, 765 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Hi-hats

sold   10 inch, 279 gram, Istanbul Pre-split Turk Splash

sold   20 inch, 1895 gram, Istanbul Pre-split China

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