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Here's another amazing set of hats from master cymbalsmith Roberto Spizzichino. Beautiful sound, beautiful condition. You can't ask for any more in a set of hats, and you know just how important hats are. When some 15 year old kid says to me, "mY symbals sux! Whut should I uPgrADe 1st? Lullz!" I reply, "Jesus, kid.... you go to public school, don't you? Stay off the Interwebs. It's rotting your brain." Then I tell the poor little dude to get a good set of hats. This set is a little out of the price and appreciation ranges of your average 15 year old punk, but they are perfect for you. Lullz!

Weight:1022 grams
Bottom:1086 grams
Soundfiles Coming Soon.

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