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Formula 602 hats? Killer. 16" Formula 602 hats? Killer. Killer and very, very, very rare. Why would you want a pair? Well....you're either a collector, or a freak...a freak that understands a few things about cymbals. A freak that just broke a sweat thinking about how good a pair of 16" Paiste B20's will sound at your next gig. If you're a collector, please go somewhere else to feed your addiction, because I'm really not interested in selling to you. Not that cymbal collecting is a bad thing....I, personally, just don't support it. Cymbals should be played, not stashed. If you're a freak, like me, then check these babies out. Pre-serial, smooth, shimmery, silvery, dark tone...and the ability to get loud when you need it. Great condition....perfect holes, couple of fingernail flea bites, and some original ink that identify them as actual 16" hats.

Weight:1228 grams
Bottom:1337 grams
Soundfiles Coming Soon.

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