20 inch Spizz Turkish Alloy Thin New Process Ride



Matt Bettis


K. Zildjian

Heather Stine




Mike Skiba

Steve Hubback

Matt Nolan

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Bang! Straight from Luciano in Italy and brand spankin' new! You may or may not have heard about Roberto's new patination process, but for those who have not.... feast your eyes and ears. Much like a vintage cymbal that has never been cleaned, this little baby is fully covered with a layer of oxidized bronze. What does that do for you? Well, besides giving you looks that kill, it gives you a cymbal that is a little bit more dry, mellow and mature than would otherwise be. Unless, of course, you had let her age naturally ....for about 40 years! This cymbal sounds indescribably beautiful. Roberto is a Master Cymbalsmith, and if you didn't know that before, you certainly do now.

Weight:1807 grams
.mp3 soundfile of this cymbal.

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