20 inch Spizz Asian Thin Ride



Matt Bettis


K. Zildjian

Heather Stine




Mike Skiba

Steve Hubback

Matt Nolan

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Remember the movie The Crow? Remember Top Dollar's sister/lover Myca? Well boys, this is the cymbal equivalent of that character as portrayed by Bai Ling. Naughty....very, very naughty. She has great stick definition that will allow you to play all of your fastest patterns without washing out. But! But....she will also give you the fullest, lushest, trashiest wash that you've ever heard. The amount of wash that she produces under her stick will blow your mind. Your mind? Completely blown. No mind you. Her soundfile is provided by Emmett Ramirez. Emmett burns it up even when he's just playing around. Thanks Em.

Weight:1990 grams
.mp3 soundfile of this cymbal.

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