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She's bold, beautiful and is just waiting to help you kick ass... ...old school. She's in excellent condition. Almost perfect edge, hole and strong signature. No cracks at all. Fortunately, she's also been gigged, so you don't have to worry about taking her out on the town and smearing her lip stick. She has a few surface scratches, and one small punch mark on the underside. Someone was about to drill her for a rivet, marked her with his center punch, and then changed his mind. If you want to drill for a rivet, she's all set to go. And, check out the hammering on this fine filly. Exquisite! Of course, she sounds great. Prominent, ticky stick with plenty of warm, sweet undercurrent. Vicious crash and shank slaps are waiting at your fingertips, and her bell is chimey and nicely separated.

Weight:2062 grams
Soundfiles Coming Soon.

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