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This Skiba-modified....Skibafied?....baby started off as an Istanbul Agop Vezir. She's been re-hammered, top and bottom, and lathed on the bottom. As you know, the Vezirs come out of Turkey with unlathed bottoms. She has a cleaner sound than most of my other Skiba's. Clean, but not sterile.....think white sand, turquoise water Caribbean beach, not research lab clean-room. Now, where's my unbrella drink? 'Cause me and this sweetheart are about to get down to some seriously relaxed groovin'. Ahhhhhh....that's the spot. Oh yeah...I refinished the top myself. Mike left the array of Agop ink all over it....but I really do not dig billboard-like advertising, so I started off simply trying to remove the ink. You every try to remove the ink off an Agop Vezir? Well, let's just say that I know why Mike left it alone. Nail polish remover? No effect. Straight Acetone? No dice. MEK? You'd think...but no. Finally had to put her on my own lathe. Jeez.....

Weight:2498 grams
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