22.5 inch Spizz Experimental Asian Ride



Matt Bettis


K. Zildjian

Heather Stine




Mike Skiba

Steve Hubback

Matt Nolan

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This is one of the very best Spizzichino's that I've come across. According to Luciano, Roberto made her as an experimental prototype to test a new process to harden the bronze to a greater level than normal. That probably accounts for the incredible stick she possesses. Besides her stick, she also has a one-of-a-kind wash. I've never heard anything like it. When I listen to her, it makes me think of a spookey, smoke filled valley forest nestled between rocky peaks. Talk about a killer. Wow. I've put a very high price on her... ...I'd like her to stick around with me for awhile. Oh yeah, at some point she was autographed by Bill Stewart.

Weight:2510 grams
.mp3 soundfile of this cymbal.

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