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You dudes will not believe your ears on this one. You remember that stripper and/or groupie that was the finest piece of tail that you ever had? This is her! But.....yeah.... remember how insane she turned out to be? This is her! This crazy little chick is only a few years old, made from a Turkish blank, but sounds more Asian than some of the Asians that I've heard. She also sounds like she's about 300 grams less than she is. She absolutely, without any apologies, roars!!! Kinda like that stripper/groupie used to scream while you were...well...putting her to good use. Oh yes, she's evil, unmitigated evil. Look at the hammering and the bow on her. This ain't your run of the mill Spizzichino, my friends. Bang! She'll put a hurt on you that you'll never forget.

Weight:2563 grams
Soundfiles Coming Soon.

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