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I admit my crime. I slapped this baby on my cymbal lathe and took some weight off of her underside. I usually don't mess around with vintage cymbals like that, but this one really needed it. She was heavy and just had too much of everything. Too much volume. Too much spread. Too much ping. Too much! Now, she's much nicer. Now she's a thin 24" Paiste pre-serial Formula 602. What did she weigh before? Don't ask. A lot. What does she weigh now? A very thin 2970 grams. Now, she has an incredible beauty to her sound, and without being overbearing. And, of course, since I did no hammering, she retains all that is lovely about 602's. She has that clean, smooth, silvery 602 shimmer that everybody loves. She's in excellent shape, too! She has a couple of small stains and minor surface scratches, but that's better for you if you mean to play her out. Her mounting hole is perfect, and her edge is very neaqr perfect. No cracks, dents or dings. She's gorgeous in looks as well as sound, and you'll be proud to throw her on any stand any time and anywhere.

Weight:2970 grams
Soundfiles Coming Soon.

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