24 inch Spizz Med-thin Turkish Alloy Ride



Matt Bettis


K. Zildjian

Heather Stine




Mike Skiba

Steve Hubback

Matt Nolan

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This may be the perfect 24" ride cymbal. Just look at her. Then listen to her. Then imagine just how good she sounds in person. She is very complex and has a warmth and depth that just can not be found. Roberto produced yet another masterpiece in bronze when he created this one. Everything about her is lovely, and you would be a very lucky man to own her. You'd be even luckier if your wife or girlfriend bought her for you. But who are we kidding? Monkeys will fly out of your butt before that happens, so you'd better just buy her yourself.

Weight:3022 grams
.mp3 soundfile of this cymbal.

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