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The 22" Sound Creation Dark Ride is another of those cymbals that has no equal. If you want the sound....you have to get the cymbal....no other way around it. This one is very, very nice. A players cymbal, but in excellent shape. Top logos and edge are almost perfect, bell hole is perfect, finish is very good, sound is more than perfect. You can throw one rivet in if you want a sound that you'll probably never hear again. I took her on a gig just the other night and the band was floored with her sound. The rivet hole was drilled by a drummer, not a professional metalworker, but although slightly skewed, won't give any trouble. Matter of fact....I respect the rivet hole. I can just picture some mad drummer holding her down and putting drill to SCDR 22. "Hold still honey. It'll all be over soon...."

Weight:3252 grams
Soundfiles Coming Soon.

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