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How many of these have you seen for sale lately? Not many would be an understatement. The few who have them are holding on to them. This big, beautiful killer isn't quite a full 24 inches. She's 60 centimeters and labeled a "60 Medium" on the bottom. She sounds excellent. Yes, she weighs quite a bit, but she doesn't sound like it. Great K. Zildjian stick, but not pingy or one-dimensional at all. She has a ton of midrange spread and a healthy dose of high and low complexity as well. Her bell is strong, chimey and low-pitched. As for condition....you will not find one in better condition. If you cleaned off her patina, you could easily pass her off as NOS, and almost as mint.

Weight:3485 grams
Stamp:Newer New
Soundfiles Coming Soon.

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