18 inch Matt Nolan Stainless Steel Crash



Matt Bettis


K. Zildjian

Heather Stine




Mike Skiba

Steve Hubback

Matt Nolan

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This she-slayer is a great example of why I love, seek out, and make custom cymbals created in a craftsman setting. You just can not find sounds like this coming out of cymbal factories. Cymbal factories push the envelope as long as it doesn't effect their bottom line of profit. This cymbal is much too different and cool to be produced at a factory. Listen to how mysterious and foreboding she sounds. Matt Nolan did an incredible job with this one. And, she actually looks much better in person than in these pictures. I could not capture the multitude and depths of her colors. Not even close.

Weight:915 grams
.mp3 soundfile of this cymbal.

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